Singer, Bass-Player,

Songwriter & Producer at NoiseGate Studio, Las Vegas


Dan Dubelman of Dan Dubelman Productions

"Jezabella is focused and creative. Her sense of humor will get you through tough times, and the end result is excellent. She is a top musician, and I have had the pleasure of performing with her in Los Angeles at the House Of Blues, the Viper Room and in her studio. Her energy is contageous and enhances your own performances. This is a fan video of us at the legendary Viper Room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkhWRPRPHYE 

Gunga and the Dins   ( Bowdie Burr ) 7/18/2018

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s while in college we had a band. We worked weekends and 6 nights a week during the summer travelling up and down the east coast. A great gig during school. After school and everybody was out in the real world, starting to get married, etc. The band split up. We were a 50’s Revival Show, fully choreographed and costumed. We played clubs, colleges, universities, outdoor venues and pretty much everywhere with the exception of large stadiu
Fast forward 41 years to a few years ago. We got together for a reunion show. It was then that I found out that the original drummer and keyboard players had passed away. It was a terrible loss. The rest of us had a day rehearsal with each other and a drummer and keyboard player that we borrowed from somewhere. (They were both very talented.) Well we stumbled our way through a half hour show and at the end the guy running the sound board gave me an MP3 disc. Clearly the disc needed help.
With some internet shopping I found NoiseGate Studios and Fertility Records. Bella was able to separate out enough of the original 24 tracks to edit, pitch correct and add about 2000 more people in the background than were actually there. I can’t say enough good things about Bella and her crew. I have received the remastered CD and I don’t believe that anyone else could have done a better job.
I think Bella has already put up some pictures of then and now so I won’t ask you to sit through that again. The entire process, working by phone and internet back and forth was a pleasure. I would recommend Bella and NoiseGate Studios without hesitation to anyone in a similar situation or, as I understand it, take your band right into the studio and she will work with whatever you have in mind.
Thanks Bella,
Gunga and the Dins

Oneida James
(Late Joe Cocker's Bass-Player)

My sincere Thanks and gratitude to The Goddess, Jezabella and Marc at Fertility Records. YOU TWO SIMPLY ROCK! James “Bonzai” Caruso, you are the absolute best… thank you so much.

Ravi Ivan

Jezabella is a consummate musician, lyricist, and producer. She has a keen ability to process current events while retaining classic moments in music from the past and transform them into cutting edge music of the present and future. For a fresh and never dull view and talent, Jezabella is a choice resource.

Guy Barbier 


Fonder of the school of Mozart in Vienna, lnventor of " vertical " reading for classical music, Director of London and Madrid Philharmonic Orchestra, Maurice Bejard Musical Director for over 18 years and Conductor/Arranger of more than 20 Gold LP of most famous Classical composers of our time (Mozart, Bach,Brahms, Wagner and many more). 

I met Jezabella in Miami when she was performing at an ASCAP convention in 1998. Her "aura" and artistry was like a magnet to me and I knew right away I wanted to work with her. After her concert, we met and talked all nite, as if we knew each other all of our lives despite the almost 40 years age difference! Working together for more than 2 years on "Dawning", a Contemporary Broadway musical that we are writing together, I can't express how energizing and talented Jezabella is and how beautiful her spirit is. I have worked with amazing people all my life but no one ever inspired me as much as Bella! Many times I wished we met 40 years ago and have more time to compose and write more music together.She is an amazing Artist, musician and human being! I recommend Jezabella Kipp to anyone serious about their work. Guy Barbier Composer and Phillarmonic Orchestra Director

Pascal Mulot 

Composer, Independent Music Professional‬ ‪Bass-Player
Jazzy is the “shit”! Ya’ll know what i am sayin'! She 's da bomb !!!!! ‬September 22, 2010, Pascal was a consultant or contractor to Jezabella at Jezabella Band‬ and NoiseGate Studio ‬‬

‪Martin Heath ‪

CEO at Seed Innovation Lab‬ ‪
Jezabella is an accomplished player, who approaches her work with professionalism and passion. ‬ ‪A good organizer and a hard worker! ‬ ‪February 28, 2010, Martin worked with Jezabella at Jezabella Band and The JazzyBell Project‬ ‬‬  ‪

JeRome Edward Tarver‬ 

‪Senior Consultant at Tarver Associates Consulting ‬ ‪
Mrs. Kipp-Messmer, Jezabella to her friends, is an insightful and sensitive artist whose depth of emotion runs from the outer limits of imagination to the primordial depths of the soul. She is one of the most accomplished bass-players on the planet capable of holding her own with anyone. Always in demand, she is never too busy to take time to help others.  The salt of the earth and a Grand Dame at the same time I can’t say enough to recommend this individual to anyone for whatever pursuit she seeks to undertake.  ‪October 20, 2009, JeRome Edward worked directly with Jezabella at Jezabella Band and NoiseGate Studio‬ ‬‬ 

‪Dan Dubelman‬

‪Social Media Writer/Producer/Musician‬ 
‪Jezabella is a talented artist who is sensitive to working with other creative people. She is always prepared, hard working and willing to make extra efforts for the good of a project.  Jezabella's immense skill as a musician has been noted by many great artists, but what impresses me the most is her depth as a human-being. I always look forward to working with Jezabella because she makes difficult situations much easier, and she is fun to work with.   ‪September 7, 2009, Dan worked directly with Jezabella as a Bass-Player and Producer at NoiseGate Studio ‬‬  

‪Liisa Evastina‬ ‪
Celebrity‬ ‪

Jezabella made my voice over reel - and I have now one of the most high- end voice over reels, than I know! ‬  ‪She is also a great musician and exciting persona and always open minded to work with different kind of people. ‬ ‪September 1, 2009, Liisa was Jezabella's client‬ at NoiseGate Studio ‬‬  ‪

Ronald Feiner 

‪Entertainment attorney at Beigelman, Feiner and Feldman‬ ‪
She is the best bass player in the world!‬ ‪September 1, 2009, Ronald was Jezabella's client‬ and The JazzyBell Project

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