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 Noah Sher  - Film Editing


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Fashion Representation

 Mike Sam English Clientele

 English Clientele is a high end, made-to-order clothing line launched in 2006 by fashion designer Mike Sam. It includes English Clientele and English Clientele Collection (ready-to-wear). English Clientele is inspired by fashions of the 1940s for today's elegant and professional woman. It is edgy and contemporary, and caters to every aspect of the modern woman's life, from work, to home, to special events. English Clientele is a favorite among young Hollywood starlets, and has been worn by Tichina Arnold, Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale, and Carrie Underwood. Romi Dames of Hannah Montana especially favors English Clientele's corset dresses, and is often seen in them on the red carpet; she has been quoted as saying "Not sure what my waistline is, but I wore English Clientele. That’s my designer Mike Sam’s couture line. He’s a genius, his dresses are the most beautiful ever."



English Clientele's 2011/12 Fashion Line Collection was featured in FBH Phillidelphia Fashion Week and here at FR are proud of being one of its Sponsor.

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