NoiseGate Studio

NoiseGate studio was first established in 1988, in Paris, France in George Bizet Landmark hotel particulier ,22 rue de Douais, Pigalle.

Closed and moved in 1991, to New York for 15 years as a home studio on 40th street and 8th ave in Manhattan. Closed again when I moved to LA and started NoiseGate studio all over again in Hollywood.

In 2012 we bought our 1.24 hectares in Las Vegas and finally last year we built "NoiseGate studio !!! Talking about resilience 😎... So, I can say that finally I got my dream come thru, just like a giant lollipop that I wanted to have and own since I was 18! So, now, life starts and so is s my music career new chapter🎤😃 so, to all of you out there with a dream, don't give up ! Dreams do come thru !🎸🎆🌃🍾🐬🎼🐇🐈🐕😀